City of Lost Souls: a young adult fantasy novelCity of Lost Souls is book 5 of 6 in the Mortal Instruments series. As I read this book, I realized I am only beginning to realize the genius of Cassandra. I really liked the first 3 books, but feel like it has been the next two books in this series, and the two books in Infernal Devices that she is really showing her forethought. She has brought characters in from City of Glass, into Clockwork Angel, and back into City of Lost Souls. It makes me want to read all of her books again to see all the ties.

Now back to City of Lost Souls. The cliffhanger at the last book was us losing Jace & Sebastian. In this book Clary, being Clary, decides to join them in hopes of saving Jace. This reminds me of Rose and Demetri in Vampire Academy, where Rose joins Demetri after he has been turned Strigoi. I feel like if anyone tried this in real life it wouldn’t turn out as well as it does in books.

There is a comment made by Clary’s mom towards the beginning of the book that I found extremely interesting, and made me think for a minute. She asks if so many things going wrong with Clary and Jace’s relationship, maybe it isn’t meant to be. I found this to be something intriguing while contemplating Clary’s decisions.

We get to know Sebastian more in this book, at least what he shows Clary. I totally feel for him in some scenes, poor guy, living as Valentine’s son. Then there are other scenes where he causes pain to many people that I realize he is just good a playing sad. I think his character is one of the most dynamic.

Then there are the love stories between Isabel & Simon, Alec & Magnus, and Jordan & Maia, and even Jocelyn and Luke. ┬áNone of them really go far, but I feel like they will all resolve themselves nicely in book 6. I like that each of these characters are getting more book time, as there stories are just as important as Clary & Jace’s.



Moderate Sexual Content (no sex, but they get close)

Limited Drinking, No Smoking, Limited Drug Use (Fairy Drugs)

Moderate Violence

Age Recommendation 16+