Vampire Academy Series

Vampire Academy Series: Bloodlines Review

Bloodlines Book Review: Young Adult Fantasy NovelWell the first thing I want to say, is that I adore Richelle Mead and the Vampire Academy novels were my favorite. I’m sorry, I meant “are” my favorite! I couldn’t have been happier when she told us while she was on tour that she would be creating a spin-off of the Vampire Academy novels through other characters besides Rose. The second thing I want to say, is I can’t believe it took me so long to post this!!!

This new series follows Sydney, the alchemist that helped Rose and the other Moroi during the last books. It has potential, and when I read the summary of what it was going to be about, I was super excited. The problem came, when the climax, was really… anti-climatic. This might be a bit of a spoiler, but since Jill (the princess’s sister) was being attacked and sought out by both Strigoi and Moroi, I thought there would be a huge battle or fight that would be attacking her. There never was. The actual plot didn’t catch me off guard though, it was pretty easy to see coming.

The Last Sacrifice Review | Vampire Academy Series

Last Sacrifice: a young adult novelLast Sacrifice was my most highly anticipated book if the year. I desperately wanted to know what happened to Rose after she was accused of murdering the queen. I wanted to know who the murderer was, and why. I felt like the queen was liked by most, tough, but she tried to be somewhat fair. I wanted Demetri to come to terms with his past. I mostly wanted to know what would happen between Adrian, Rose, and Demetri.

Well, all of my questions were answered, and the answers were more than I could ever expect. There is action from the first chapter. Then my favorite part of Richelle Mead’s writing style is that she carries the plot to the very last page. There are important things revealed all the way to the end.

While I love this story, there are things about it I didn’t love. There is a resolution to the love triangle between Rose and Adrian/Demetri. I wont tell you what that resolution was, just that I felt like there were avoidable mistakes made.


Vampire Academy Series: Spirit Bound Review

Spirit Bound CoverOh wow! Spirit Bound has totally surpassed anything I had originally thought. So, with most series you have a pretty good idea what the conflict in the book is about, and there really isn’t anything else, at least for that installment. This book is not like that. You think you know what the main conflict is, but that is only part of it. Once that is part of the conflict is addressed- relatively early in the novel, the story keeps going. It takes you in directions you couldn’t even guess. Man, I am just floored.

It is actually kind of hard to express the crazy turns this book has taken. It is constant and consistent in its action. You think there is a moment of rest, and there just isn’t.

Vampire Academy Series: Blood Promise Review

Blood Promise Cover

Without giving myself time to recover from the third book, Shadow Kiss, of the Vampire Academy Series I moved quickly to the fourth, Blood Promise. I didn’t have a choice! I was too involved, and really I had no idea what the fourth book could be about, so I had to dive in immediately. What did I find? I watched Rose attack life. It was as if she too didn’t have a choice. First, she was strong. Avidly going after what she wanted and what she felt a responsibility to face. As the book goes on, she gives way to her biggest weakness. Love. I hesitate to say much because I don’t want to spoil a thing, but she goes looking for Dimitri, and instead of doing what she set out to do… she hesitates.

The talk of blood whores in far off places becomes real as you read Blood Promise, but the book stays true to its young adult fantasy genre and keeps itself appropriate for younger readers and interesting to us a little who are a little older. Richelle Mead really put Rose into the depths of trouble, to the point where you have no idea if she’ll ever escape.

Vampire Academy Series: Shadow Kiss Review

Shadow Kiss Cover

Not mentioned in my reviews of the first two novels of the young adult Vampire Academy series is Lissa’s spirit affinity, or power. Well, I’ll mention it now because in Shadow Kiss, the third novel of the series, part of the consequences of this power is messing with Rose’s mind. But in truth, it’s destructive to Lissa as well. The two are bonded, which is something you learn about in the first book Vampire Academy, but Shadow Kiss is really where you start to learn more about what that means and how that will forever affect the lives of both girls. Because of the bond, you will find the Rose is Shadow Kissed, and will forever be bound to darkness as well as Lissa.

This addition to the Vampire Academy series is amazing. It’s where you fall in love with Dimitri, Rose, her mother, with Lissa and Christian, with Adrian… I’m sorry I should have said, this is where you fall in love. Period. The book is laden with horrific but amazing battle scenes, Moroi powers being used against Strigoi, Rose finding her strength and becoming an amazing warrior, and where you truly see the battle between the three vampire variations clash and come together in a huge explosion. The first two novels are creating specifically to prepare you for and build to the climax of this book, and even then you are not properly ready for what happens.

Shadow Kiss is the novel that stole me. From the very beginning I read through the third and fourth books within a couple of days and now I have been left high and dry without a continuation of the story as I wait longingly for the fifth book, Spirit Bound, to be released May 18th.

Vampire Academy: Frostbite Review

Frost Bite Cover

Yes, the first book was good. Like my review of Vampire Academy states, I loved it. But Frost Bite is where it really starts getting good. There are fight scenes, kidnappings, and killings. The Strigoi have found a new way to fight, and the suspense will instantly draw you in.

I think what’s most difficult in this book is I wasn’t sure where it was going to take me. There were so many twists and turns that I felt compelled to continue to read until every problem was solved. But the really tough part of this novel is Rose; she gets so emotional and stressed out that you find yourself wondering where the strong, courageous guardian went. She makes some pretty serious mistakes in this novel and shows her youth more in this book than in any of the others. Typically I would find this annoying, but it’s done in a way that doesn’t make her crass, stupid, or annoyingly oblivious to her actions as I feel PC Cast does from time to time with her characters in the House of Night Vampyre series. I think this was a major growing novel for Rose where she really starts to realize what she is capable of and what she wants to become. It’s a great young adult fantasy novel, but it has breadth as well and can appeal to almost any aged reader.

I became tied to Rose, Dimitri and Rose’s mother in this book. They are strong characters, Dhampirs who really own the story more than anyone else. I like the Moroi alright, but their society driven weakness

Vampire Academy Review

Vampire Academy Cover

I have read a good amount of vampire novels, or so it feels, since the explosion of the genre 5 years ago. I came upon the Vampire Academy series by chance one day at the book store, and purchased the first book of the series without even looking at the summary. What happened? I instantly became infatuated with this new twist of the vampire and human world in this story. Of course there’s the school where all vampire children go, with teachers and mentors, but they also have guardians. This was new. Guardians who are half vampire and half human called Dhampirs, protect vampires, but more importantly they protect a specific kind of vampire called a Moroi. So if they specify one kind of vampire, there must be more, and yes… there is another kind. This is what the Moroi need protection from, the Strigoi. Oddly enough, the Strigoi are the immortal type of vampire that never die and are evil. Hmm you say, aren’t all vampires immortal? Nope, not in this book. Just a new twist and a not so normal vampire saga.

I think that this interesting twist in the vampire world attracted me to this book, but what held me and made me continue reading the series was the girl Rose Hathaway. The main character of the book. For those of you who have read the House of Night Series, she’s strong like Zoey but mature. She doesn’t exhibit the same teenage tendencies and annoying girl problems. She’s tough, physically and emotionally, she’s raw, she’s smart, and she has some serious attitude. Her experiences with her best friend, who she wants to be assigned to someday as her guardian, and her super sexy mentor Dimitri, felt real to me. It’s an aspect to the vampire books that I haven’t felt before.